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Linda Harrar Productions, LLC creates powerful media projects
on global health, human rights, gender equity and the environment.

Current Projects

Born Female - The Stories Women Don't Tell

"Born Female - The Stories Women Don't Tell" will be a 90-minute documentary feature film about the challenges women face due to gender inequality. The film will consist of a dozen story vignettes, filmed around the world by a diverse group of creative, award-winning directors. Taken together, the stories will provide a powerful global portrait of the life-threatening consequences women face due to lack of reproductive health care and human rights and the spirited activism of people working for social justice and gender equity. Shown in theaters, on television, in educational settings, and web-based podcasts, the film will launch an international dialogue on the fight for gender equality, motivating activism and change.

The Roots of Health
"The Roots of Health" explores the social determinants of health — the upstream reasons why people become ill or stay healthy. From early childhood development in England, to environmental pollution, racism and green jobs in California, to microcredit opportunities and the fight for clean water of the Self Employed Women’s Association in Ahmedabad, India, this one-hour international documentary looks at how social policies can affect the health of whole populations — for worse or for better.